2012 Scarlet Macaw Protection Documentary

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The 2013 Scarlet Macaw nest protection effort has kicked off! After a delay starting out training on Mountain Pine Ridge, we headed down to San Antonio Village to conduct climbing training. So, the Jeep clutch went out. The guys did fantastic! Two solid days learning the ropes (literally), safety, data collection, etc. However, the crew is now ready to take the monitoring this year to the next level.

Belarmino, Rufino, and Charles working on setting up the gear.

Rufino all geared up to climb.

Rufino on the rope.

And up he goes.

Good times...

Luis heading up the rope.

Belars getting comfortable on the rope.

Going over the datasheets/

Rudi heading up.


  1. Wonderful work!
    Totally need to post a contact email for supporters who may be interested in volunteering skills to help the cause.

  2. So appreciate all that you guys have done in an effort to help the scarlet macaw population