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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Back to Guatemala: Good friends and lots of mud

On the 13th of July, Brad and I headed back to Guatemala begin the last stretch of field work. We arrived in Flores in the afternoon and strolled around in the cool of the evening.

We awoke the next morning and readied ourselves for a trip to El Burral, an important area for nesting macaws in the Parque Nacional Laguna del Tigre. The plan was to leave at 8am so at seven Brad and I loaded up and we going to cruise over to a breakfast joint on the opposite side of the island near the Wildlife Conservation Society office. Got into the car, put in the key and...nothing. Engine turned but no spark. Great! We were going to drive this out to Paso Caballo, a mayan village just inside the park.

We went ahead and ate breakfast and then met up with Pancho at the office when eight o'clock rolled around. Thus we began the two hour process of getting various mechanics to check it out. Finally, a guy with a scanner was going to swing by and read the computer. We waited and waited. Finally had one of the fellas from the office tow us to the mechanic. Got there and it fired up immediately...what a waste of time. Something loose but who knows what or where.

Lunch, groceries, beer and off we went...

We reached Paso Caballo by mid-afternoon and transferred all of the gear into a nice, older Toyota Hilux (like a Tacoma) with really nice clearance. The

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